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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Election Day : May 2, 2023

School Millage Elections will take place in Hartland, Webberville and Whitmore Lake.

Are You Registered?  Know where to vote? Check Here: MI Secretary of State Voter Information Page

 You can still register!  Click for   MI Secretary of State info on registering within 14 days of an election.

It you are voting absentee it is now recommended that you drop you AV Ballot at your clerk's office or in an authorized drop box at or near their office.

Balancing Gun Rights and Safety:  What is Your Position?
How our society addresses gun rights and safety are critical current topics. The LWV of Livingston County encourages all county residents to ensure that their views on this topic are represented in the discussion at  Monday,  April 24, 2023 Livingston County Board of Commissioners' meeting.  Participation may be in person or via zoom,  and/or by contacting your commissioner, directly or through the Commissioner's Office, to share your thoughts prior to the meeting.
The Livingston County Board of Commissioners will consider a resolution in support of the Second Amendment of the US Constitution and the Michigan Constitution at the Board Meeting on Monday April 24, 2023.    
The proposed resolution follows the enactment of legislation in Lansing this  month regarding gun storage and background check requirements.  Additional legislation regarding extreme risk protection orders ('red flag laws') has been passed by the legislature and sent to the Governor for signature.  The resolution posted on the commission web site includes the following text:
"BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Board will not authorize or appropriate new funds, resources, employees, agencies, contractors, buildings, detention centers or offices for the sole purposes of enforcing any statute, law, rule, order, or regulation that restricts the rights of any law-abiding citizen affirmed by the Second Amendment or Article 1, Section 6, of the Michigan Constitution, nor be used to aid any state or federal agency in infringing or restricting such rights; and
2 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Board respectfully requests the Michigan Legislature, the United States Congress, and other agencies of State and Federal government to vigilantly preserve and protect those rights by rejecting any provision, statute, law, rule, order or regulation that may infringe, have tendency to infringe or place any additional burdens on the rights of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms;"
Meeting Info:
Livingston County Board of Commissioners Meeting
 April 24, 2023, 6:00 p.m.
 304 E. Grand River Ave., Board Chambers, Howell, Michigan
Zoom Virtual Meeting ID: 399-700-0062 / Password: LCBOC
Resolution 2023-04-063 is Agenda Item12a. 
Text for the proposed resolution is on pages 7-8 .
  • Participants may attend and are able to comment either in person or via zoom.(zoom instructions.)

  • Any person who wishes to contact members of the Board of Commissioners and/or to provide input or ask questions on any business coming before the board, may do so by calling or e-mailing the Livingston County Board of Commissioners Administrative Specialist, Natalie Hunt, prior to the meeting.  Contact information can be found on the County website at:
Our Position:
The League is strictly nonpartisan, neither endorsing candidates nor supporting political parties.   We do take positions on issues which we have studied. League Positions are posted on our national organization website
Our Gun Policy Position Impact on Issues, page 153), since 1988:
"The League of Women Voters of the United States believes that the proliferation of semi-automatic/automatic weapons in the United States is a major health and safety threat to its citizens.
The League supports strong federal measures to limit the accessibility and regulate the ownership of these weapons by private citizens. The League supports regulating firearms for consumer safety.
The League supports licensing procedures for gun ownership by private citizens to include a waiting period for background checks, personal identity verification, gun safety education, and annual license renewal. The license fee should be adequate to bear the cost of education and verification.
The League supports strong limitations on access to semi-automatic/automatic weapons, enforcement of strict penalties for the improper possession of and crimes committed with handguns and assault weapons, and allocation of resources to better regulate and monitor gun dealers."

Additional Upcoming Community Events:
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LWVMI Statewide Zoom Presentation:

Preserving Our Waters: 

Regulating Michigan’s Failing Septic Systems

April 26, 2023 6:30 PM

Michigan’s lakes, streams and groundwater are being polluted by human waste leaking from our failing septic systems. Michigan is the only state in the nation with no statewide law regulating private septic systems. 

More info and Registration (REQUIRED) at Zoom host 
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LWV-LC Recorded Livingston County Specific Programs :
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Meetings of Livingston County governmental bodies including committees, are open to the public except for discussion of property purchases or personnel matters. 

Regular meetings permit time-limited comments from citizens during audience participation.

Livingston County Board of Commissioners 
& Committees

Meeting Schedule

 Agendas and Minutes
How to Participate Virtually 
View Recorded Meetings
Meeting Schedules, Agendas and Minutes are generally available via
Liv. Co. Municipality Websites.

LWV-LC Observer Corp

Our League now has volunteers observing: the Livingston County Commissioners, Brighton and Pinckney schools, and Genoa Township board meetings. Observers note compliance with Open Meeting Act requirements and action on items of significance to LWV, which are published in our monthly e-newsletter. LWV Observers do not participate in meetings or address issues.
Those who frequently attend local government meetings already, either in-person or watching the online recordings, are invited consider doing so as a LWV-LC volunteer.  Membership and training are required. Reach out to and we’ll provide you with all the important information necessary to get you started.  to

What Does The LWV do in Livingston County?

The LWV assists eligible persons to register to vote, providing information and supporting Register To Vote events.

We provide voters with non-partisan information on candidate positions and issues.

We educate our members and the public on important topics. Recent forums topics  have included  Rank-Choice Voting,  the Census,  Redistricting, PFAS Contamination,  and Line 5.

LWV members observe and report on government meetings and polling locations to ensure  transparency in our government.

The LWV advocates for national and state level policies which support voter rights.


Why Join The LWV Graphic

Democracy is not a spectator sport.

The League offers opportunities to learn about and  be involved with issues important to our democracy,  and to connect with  others who may disagree politically (we need diverse perspectives)  but  value the democratic process.  

Our name honors the women who founded the League in 1919 at the advent of women's suffrage, but we welcome ALL people aged 16 and older to join us. 

It is important work.  We could do more with your help.  Learn more...

Learn More About the League of Women Voters from our State and National Web Sites:
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Check  your voter registration.
Find your polling place.
See what's on your ballot.
Read candidate responses to community questions.

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